"Where Hair Meets Inspiration"

-Zakeyah Ryan

Zakeyah Ryan is one of Brooklyn and New York’s most prominent skilled hairstylist. After developing an affinity for hair at an early age, Zakeyah was further influenced by her older brother Erik “The Barber” Ryan, who exposed her to game of the more prominent hair salons in New York City. Combining her love for hair in addition to the “Experience” gained as a protégé of her brother, Zakeyah earned her cosmetology license and began working at Phenomenon, which served as her initial platform from which she developed and widened her growing skill sets. Her 7 years as a manager/stylist at Phenomenon proved to be invaluable as Zakeyah perfected and developed a style of her own. With her urban upbringing having an influence Also with her love for the arts, fashion, and pop culture.

Desiring to forge her own independent path, Zakeyah moved from Phenomenon Salon and established a business partnership with Khalil Wright. After 2 years of trials and tribulations Zakeyah’s tenacity paid off as The Experience Unisex Salon was founded in 2006, in Brooklyn, New York. Their overall vision for the salon was to design and provide a professional experience to a diverse clientele, providing clients with life changing enhancements. Zakeyah’s belief in the mantra, “If you look good, you feel good” continues to fuel her passions to unbelievable heights. Since the inception of The Experience Unisex Salon, Zakeyah has worked with high profile celebrities such as Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton, Glamour Magazine, Rochelle Aytes, Mya, Kelly Price, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. In addition to her extensive portfolio and 17 years in business, Zakeyah also looks to empower and serve her community by formulating workshops such as Career day, neighborhood shows and client appreciation events.

Zakeyah Ryan continues to highlight her technical abilities to the world. She remains true to the “Art of Hair” and seeks to maintain a creative and progressive approach toward hair styling.

“Hair is an asset, if you look good, you feel good.”  -Zakeyah Ryan